JAXON sets itself apart from other construction firms through our devoted staff and an organisational structure that promotes a ‘hands-on’ team environment.

We are dedicated to building a team of driven, innovative and creative people who share our desire for delivering excellence.


We recognise that JAXON’s underlying success depends on recruiting and retaining the right individuals.

At JAXON, we don’t discriminate; we aim to foster a working environment that is inclusive and understands that diversity is evident in many different ways, including age, gender identity and expression, race, nationality, sexual orientation and disability.

We believe that by employing a diverse workforce, we are creating a workplace that drives innovation and leadership.

We encourage and champion diversity through ensuring the following:

  • Ongoing gender pay-gap analysis focused on achieving gender pay equity;
  • Gender diversity targets for individual business units and the business overall; and
  • Flexible working options available to all staff and roles.

We hold the belief that working together with people from diverse backgrounds and experiences can generate the most innovative ideas, adding to the strength of our company.


Our positive culture is fostered through openness and collaboration. We believe that our willingness to share knowledge is one of our most valuable assets when overcoming complex challenges. As a valued member of a dynamic and professional team, you will contribute to the delivery of flagship projects and have a positive impact on the surrounding communities.

Career Development

We are committed to providing our employees with opportunities in professional development. No matter your role within the business, you will be encouraged and supported to advance in your career, to realise your potential and thrive in a collaborative workplace.

Student Undergraduate Program

We are pleased to support Construction Management students through our formal Construction Student Program. We accept expressions of interest from first year university students in November and December.

Successful students are invited to join the JAXON team on a part time basis at the commencement of their second year. Hours of work are structured around the individual’s study schedule and full time work is available during semester breaks.

Students in our program are exposed to all operations of our business before being placed in a structured Construction Management learning program. Throughout their second to fourth years of study, students are gain insights into to all construction management functions including Contract Administration, Project Management and Site Supervision. Students also participate in a formal Career Development Framework that offers a wide range of professional development initiatives.

If you are a student in your first year of University and would like to join the JAXON team in your second year, please contact us.

What our employees are saying

It’s a very open culture, a very strong culture. Everyone is there to help, there’s no such thing as asking a silly question or an uneducated question, no one will think less of you. We are all here to work collaboratively as a team and to support one another.

Ian Crosby

Site Manager

What our employees are saying

Very safe, reliable and family orientated. They (JAXON) are very well respected in the building community, and have a very good outlook from some of the Contractors point of view, as to a builder who can sustain a safe working environment for them, they see JAXON as a safety net in the construction industry.

Mark Battersby

Site Manager

What our employees are saying

It’s a youthful style of management, it’s very inclusive and I have found them to be very flexible as well. With a couple of young children I need to be able to work around various things for them and their school. Everyone within the company has their own Work Life Balance they are trying to achieve and I have found JAXON supports this.

Claire Wilson

Contract Administrator


Sorry there are currently no vacancies at this time.

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    JAXON is an expanding company, with rewarding opportunities to further your career. If you are passionate about construction and believe you would make a good fit to our inclusive and dynamic team apply today by uploading your CV.

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    Our people work in a dynamic and vibrant environment and form an integral part of high performance business units that work together to deliver on the JAXON promise.

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    At JAXON we empower our people to be open, collaborative, and innovative.

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    We strongly value the communities in which we operate and seek to actively uplift and improve these communities whenever practicable.

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