Community & Sponsorship

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Community & Sponsorship

JAXONs approach to community engagement, including donations and sponsorships is based on our culture and values of generating sustainable outcomes. We value the communities in which we operate and seek to actively contribute to the upliftment and improvement of these communities whenever practicable.

In reference to Donations and Sponsorships, we will:

  • Engage, contribute and add value to the communities we are working with.
  • Primarily support learning as we believe it is through knowledge that living standards and well-being of society improves. We support worthwhile community programmes but we prioritise requests from educational institutions.
  • Appraise requests for donations and sponsorships in line with our culture and return value to our business.
  • Allocate a budget each year, cost all donations in financial and in kind and regularly report against the budget.
  • Ensure our contributions receive appropriate value including brand recognition and achieve maximum impact and benefit. Brand exposure only is not sufficient.
  • Monitor the impact, performance and improvements achieved by our contribution.

Organisations seeking our support are:

  • Legally formed, accredited and registered.
  • Similarly aligned in values and driven towards achieving visible results and sustainable outcomes.
  • Required to submit a business case outlining the outcomes of our contribution and the benefit our Company will receive.
  • Organisations that operate within the same communities as us.
  • Required to make their Governors or Executives available to engage directly with us and where possible and to avoid third party fund raising organisations.

JAXON is affiliated with the following:

  • Constable Care Child Safety Foundation
  • Starlight Children's Foundation
  • OzHelp Foundation
  • Australian Red Cross Blood Service
  • National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) Awards
  • The Esther Foundation
  • Murdoch University Tree Planting
  • SMYL Community Services
  • Leadership WA